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About Acacia Public School

Acacia Public School Dehradun is a blend of education and activities for the aspiring students and their respective parents. We are proud to share our 19 year progressive journey and experience which has excelled us in the flied of education and development of our students and we will continue to adapt the new developments which will be favoring the education system of our society. Considering today's essential requirements in education we have emerged not only as an immaculate education facilitator but also as an overall development factor for the students. In our endeavor we have created an environment which complements the traditional education and the future development of our students.

The faculty is committed towards achieving the goals of the students and the parents in imparting one the best of the education and development of their prospective future of the society.
It is imperative to have the combination of education, sports and activities to enhance the talent and passion of the future generation. We have encouraged our students to their optimal potential in each of the mentioned fields to pursue it in their future.
Accuracy and efficiency has been the bench mark of our education with personalized interaction and innovation towards our students, keeping in view the future competition and completion we have emphasized more on quality then quantity which makes us unique in providing quality education to make our future prospective competent to face the challenges of professional and personal life.
The infrastructure comprises of education from primary to junior sections starting from class nursery to class eight in the various stream of Science, Commerce and Humanity. The extracurricular activities comprises of sports, personality development, theatre and talent based activities are paramount to Acacia Public School Dehradun.

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Vision & Mission

Excellence in the 21st century will be the result of quality education presently. We strive hard to become one of the promising educationists in delivering value based education for improving the quality of life of our students. It’s our privilege to inculcate value based education and personality development at an early age of childhood enabling the students to enjoy their childhood and get maturity in future. A realistic approach towards the goal while understating the needs of the future will make us achieve our and our student’s success.


Each child is special and we should help him/her in bringing out the best of talent for Life, University and Career. Our belief is that we would one day help Udgamites to be pioneers wherever they might be: in the confines of a home, in the power corridors of a corporation or be survivors in alien territories.

Our Objectives

To develop an awareness in students of the importance of books and other resources as a means of recording and sharing human achievements, failures and aspirations.To provide the opportunities for the students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to access library resources.