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The Cultural Studies of Sport in Education (CSSE) is designed for students interested in examining the intersection of Acacia Public School.

Art & Craft

Arts and Craft activities are a part of learning to children. Keeping this in mind, the arts and crafts were included in the Acacia Public School.


Acacia Public Schoo is offering two programs as part of the Sporting Schools initiative. These two programs are made up of practical cricket activities that focus on Fun, Fitness and Friendships.


The school has a football field of international size.


The floor hockey unit has been arranged in a progression of skills such that they are presented from the simple to the complex.

Table Tennis

The multipurpose hall houses the facility for Table Tennis.


The school has an indoor as well as an outdoor court.


The gymnasium houses two badminton courts of international standards for trainees to hone their skills.

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