Acacia Public School Dehradun is a blend of education and activities for the aspiring students and their respective parents. We are proud to share our 19 year progressive journey and experience which has excelled us in the flied of education and development of our students and we will continue to adapt the new developments which will be favoring the education system of our society. Considering today’s essential requirements in education we have emerged not only as an immaculate education facilitator but also as an overall development factor for the students.

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Aims And Goals

Our aim is to create a happy, caring and co-operative Top CBSE School community, which celebrates learning in all of its forms. Staff, governors and parents will work together to develop capable, confident and tolerant members of society.

A Shared Ethos

We apply strong universal values to everything we do in school.

• Listening to pupils is the key to any good school
• Involving them in some decision-making will encourage their social development as future citizens
• We expect excellent behaviour from everyone in school, positive rewards and fairly applied sanctions are used to promote this.
• A caring attitude towards others leads to everyone’s feelings and beliefs being respected.
• Our daily act of collective worship helps our children to grow socially, morally, culturally and spiritually
• Regular praise and a feeling of security help to develop self-esteem and an open and questioning mind.
• Curiosity, perseverance and a prevailing “can do” attitude helps children to develop independence in their learning.
• Play is an important element of our curriculum which encourages deep learning & fosters greater enjoyment of school life for children and staff
• We aim to be a healthy & Top CBSE Schools in Dehradun  in our food and drink routines and the provision of regular physical activity

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Teaching & Learning

Our core purpose is to provide high quality Teaching and Learning. Children learn in many different ways so we aim to teach using many different styles :

• We encourage children to have a growing awareness of their own learning through widespread use of the Building Learning Power framework and by applying the principles of Assessment for Learning within the classroom
• We use the Critical Skills Programme to develop a whole-class learning culture and use techniques within CSP to facilitate children’s learning
• Children learn individually, in pairs, in small groups or as a whole class
• We maximise direct first hand learning whenever possible including our regular WOW events
• The classroom is silent, quiet or sometimes very noisy!
• The teacher talks, demonstrates, listens, observes, guides, assesses and disciplines.
• We employ a carefully chosen range of teaching styles and classroom organisation depending on the learning objectives of the lesson.
• We acknowledge that pupils may have a preference for visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learning styles and plans to use all of these approaches
• The regular use of ICT enables our pupils to develop as life-long learners
• Dedicated staff are encouraged to constantly develop their teaching expertise and are empowered to take risks in the classroom to ensure the curriculum is exciting for children.

Top CBSE Schools in Dehradun