Acacia Public School Dehradun is a blend of education and activities for the aspiring students and their respective parents. We are proud to share our 19 year progressive journey and experience which has excelled us in the flied of education and development of our students and we will continue to adapt the new developments which will be favoring the education system of our society. Considering today’s essential requirements in education we have emerged not only as an immaculate education facilitator but also as an overall development factor for the students.

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  1. The Report Card of the students will be based on the New CBSE Policy.
  2. Classes 6thto 9th will have two Term Exams apart from four Unit Tests, two in each term.
  3. Class 10 will have Mock Test and Pre-Board exam according to new CBSE policy.
  4. For classes 5thto 8th minimum 40% marks must be secured in every subject to facilitate promotion. If a student fails in one or two subjects, he/she shall be placed in compartment. Failing in more than two subjects shall lead to the detainment of the student in the same class as per CBSE Bye Laws.
  5. For Classes 9th& 11th, 40% marks must be secured in every subject to facilitate promotion.

Rules and Regulations for Unit Tests and Examination:

  1. No retest shall be conductedfor a child who has missed a test.
  2. Short leave will not be granted under any circumstances on the weekly test days.
  3. In case a student writes the test and then leaves, he /she will be marked absent for that day.
  4. In an emergency, written permission should be taken from the Principal.
  5. A child using unfair means is awarded zero.



Primary Subjects
I, II English, Hindi, Maths, EVS
III - V English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Science


Middle Subjects
VI - VIII English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Science, Sanskrit


Secondary Subjects
IX, X English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Science, computer science