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Biology Lab

For students to experiment and learn about the science of biology.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry without practical knowledge is like a body without soul.

Physics Lab

A well qualified lab assistant on regular basis has been appointed.

Computer Lab

The computer lab is well-equipped with latest Technology.

Best CBSE Schools in Dehradun 2023, Acacia Public School

Acacia Public School in Dehradun is a blend of education and activities for aspiring students and their respective parents. We are proud to share our 19 year progressive journey and experience which has excelled us in the flied of education and development of our students and we will continue to adapt the new developments which will be favoring the education system of our society. Considering today’s essential requirements in education we have emerged not only as an immaculate education facilitator but also as an overall development factor for the students.

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    Director's Message

    Started our journey in 2001 with a passion and commitment in achieving overall development of our students and teachers, we have substantially met our requirements and have earned respect and a good name in the field of education.

    Principal's Message

    I believe my responsibility as not only a principal but also as an educator, is to be a stepping stone for the coming generation and to guide and nurture their young brilliant minds, so that they grow into empowered individuals which is not only educated, and knowledgeable but also empathetic and thoughtful.

    Best CBSE Schools in Dehradun 2023